Hallway Cosplay Contest

Great Hall Stage
4:00PM to 6:00PM

Do you have a cosplay that you want to show off, but aren't ready to make the leap and perform in the big catwalk? Then the Hallway Cosplay Contest is for you! The Hallway Cosplay Contest is a casual, interactive cosplay event designed to encourage beginner (and just plain shy!) cosplayers. There will be three categories: Beginner Handmade, Found Object/Closet Cosplay, and Skits. No pre-reg necessary; just show up during the event and be judged immediately! Winners will be announced during the Cosplay Catwalk (you do not need to be present to win).

Don't forget to Pre-Reg now! Hey everyone Pre-Con Prep is going so well i am able to extend the Pre-Reg cut off to the end of Sunday September 10th.

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