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Brittany R
Brittany is an artist and cosplayer from Columbus, Ohio. She has been a seamstress for over 25 years, and a nerd for even longer. After a stint in the renaissance faire community sewing gowns for the royal court, she made the leap to the much more challenging art of cosplay. Ever since her start in cosplay back in 2009, she has been perfecting her craft, learning new techniques (most recently the art of EVA foam armor), and winning awards. She has earned six Best... (Click image for more info)

Loki of CNC
Loki of CNC started cosplaying seriously about three years ago with her first version of Marvel's Lady Sif. She now has three and a slight obsession for dressing up as strong characters with big pointy things. She moved to plastic spaceman armor with her Mandalorian kits about a year later and hasn't looked back! She loves crafting plastic armor, sewing and creating custom patterns, Lord of the Rings, Pokemon and... (Click image for more info)

Mimi Cosplays
Mimi has been cosplaying cosplaying since 2009. Learned how to sew at age 8. Stop picked it back up when she stared cosplaying. Her first Anime Convictions was Anime Central. Her First Cosplay was Soi Fong from Bleach. Currently in school for Fashion design. Dreams of having a career in fashion or costume design. She was made combination over 15 Cosplay, Rave outfits and still counting. She takes the... (Click image for more info)

Darkreilia is a cosplayer as well as a cosplay photographer. She has been cosplaying since she was 15 years old. For the first half of her life she had no idea what cosplaying was, but she grew up on the classics like Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon. She has won the 2010 Cosplay Christmas Competition featured through Facebook as CC from Code Geass as well as best in show at Trainers Rendezvous as Umbreon from Pokémon. She is more known... (Click image for more info)

Qlue started cosplaying back in 2012. He may be new to the cosplay world, but he's not new to the comic scene. From a young age, Qlue always enjoyed comics. He is a big Marvel and DC fan. His first cosplay was Nightwing from Batman (DC Comics). He was inspired by his love for superheroes to become an MMA fighter. Since being an MMA fighter requires being in tip-top shape... (Click image for more info)

Samaru is an Indiana-based cosplayer who got his start in 2010 making costumes both for himself and his wife/partner-in-cosplay. He has won a number of awards, including Best in Show for Constructionat Shuto Con 2013and Ohayocon2014. He has also hosted panels at various conventions across the Midwest and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience to help other cosplayers. He enjoys designing and sewing all manner of costumes (his favorite is Victorian era clothing)and crafting props, especially... (Click image for more info)

I started cosplaying at a very young age, around 7 years old but didn't know what it was back then. It was to small events like comic book store "conventions" my First ever cosplay was Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, My grandmother made it for me. Up until I was around 13 I did not know what cosplay was, and then I attended my first Star Trek convention, and was introduced to it full fledged and have not stop since. I grew up watching Kiki's Delivery Service on repeat, and that moved... (Click image for more info)

Having started going to conventions since 2005, Urikorose has been cosplaying since 2006 with some of her favorites being from Pokemon, Naruto and various Harem anime girls. She specializes in award winning Fursuites and busty anime/video game characters. With her love for fursuiting, she currently operates her business Rainbow Lion Designs which focuses on faux fur and rave accessories. When she's not working on her business, Uriko loves photography, FFXIV and... (Click image for more info)

rTheta is a cosplay team based out of the midwest that specializes in, well, everything! Each of our team members - Chad, Reagan, Kamal, Chris, and Grey - specialize in their own areas, creating a well-rounded team of best friends. They have a combined 30 years of cosplay and photography experience, and have been active as a team since 2014. From competition to photography to... (Click image for more info)

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