Con hours.
Dealers Room Friday 2pm-8pm Saturday 12pm-6pm Sunday 11am-2pm
Artist Alley Room Friday 12pm-8pm Saturday 11am-8pm Sunday 11am-2pm
Game room Friday 11am-2am Saturday 10am-2am Sunday 10am-5pm
Reg table will open about 8am each day and Thursday night about 8pm if everything works out

The Emcees from last year are back and even more crazy. Calvin and Hobbes (Kale and Andrew)

Check this out, Ryzen with some awesome sponsoring from is hooking us up with some Fruit bars. Those fruit bars can be found in all starbucks, whole foods, 7/11 and CVS.


Few last minute panels. Harp twins Sunday concert, Friday Dealing with Sexual Harassment and Slander. Check the updated Schedule!

Heads up everyone. At con reg this year will be cash only.

We have all of the Photographers lined up this year for our press. I am going to set up a form for people to fill out if they want to let the convention know about any private photo shoots. that way you always have us as a buddy system so if anyone is looking for you or you have any problems we know whats going on. this would be for safety and is not something you have to do.
Thank you for being awesome

Volunteer form for 2016 Volunteer Form

Photo Shoot form for 2016 Photo Shoot form

Ramencon Food Drive:
Cosplayers for a cause! The staff, in partnership with Ramencon, are hosting a canned food drive at Ramencon 2016! For every 5 non-perishable food items brought and donated you will be entered into a Give Away for some awesome stuff! All that is donated will be taken to a local food pantry to help feed the homeless, so you know you are doing some good! Look for us at con on Friday!

Cosplay Guests


Little Neko has gone missing!

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