Ramencon Rules

If you have any need to contact someone on any rules. Contact Chris, his email address is [email protected] We will have a phone number listed in the booklet and pasted around the convention if you have any problems call right away. If four some reason the line is busy you can call the con center at 574-235-9711

Thank you for viewing Ramencon Rules! Welcome! ^_^ There are some rules for this year, so you'll want to take a look. These rules are designed to help people be safe and let everyone have a good time, and they apply to attendees, staff, vendors, artists, and guests alike.

Ramencon Harassment Policy
We at Ramencon do not tolerate harassment. If a con-goer is found to be responsible for any harassment, their badge will be revoked and they will be asked to leave the premises for the remainder of the con. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, this person may be banned from future cons as well. If a con-goer is being badgered by a non-con-goer, Ramencon will do everything possible to help put a stop to the harassment. If the victim wants to take legal action against the culprit, Ramencon will assist to the best of our ability.

Being Harassed by staff
We at Ramencon do not tolerate harassment of any kind from anyone. This includes from our staff. If you feel you are being Harassed by a staff member or Ramencon. Chris wants to know right away. You can let him know via email or at the convention you can let the registration table know. They will get Chris right away. Chris cares deeply about your safety and the safety of others. If you are having a problem with a person at registration you will be able to give Chris running around the con. His photo is in the front cover of the booklet. He is a crazy man with red hair and a big beard.

exsamples of Harassment
Here are some examples of Harassment, this list is not all-inclusive or 100% complete.

~Making comments about a person's appearance, sexual and/or vulgar statements, offensive jokes, or anything disparaging a person's gender, race, religion, sexuality, identity, et cetera.
~Bulling and discrimination.
~Whistling, catcalling, and any kind of non-consensual flirting or sexual advances.
~Following someone or impeding their path.
~Attending a person's panels solely to heckle them.
~Photographing or recording someone without their permission.
~Exposing oneself or miming sexual acts.
~Bathroom policing (harassing someone because of the bathroom they feel most comfortable using).
~Touching someone without their permission.
~Repeated texting, phone calls, or emails, after being told to stop.
~Any persistent action that creates a hostile environment for the person or persons being targeted - harassment is when a person is feeling harassed, period.

If a person is in cosplay, that does not give you consent to photograph or touch them without their permission. Remember that underneath the costume and make-up is a real person; they are not the character they are portraying and you do not have the right to treat them as you would the fictional character.

Lost Badge
Some badges are returned to the reg table. so check for lost badge. Replacing your lost badges is $25 for your first lost badge. All replacments after the firsty one will be full priced

General Rules
Stick to these rules and, for the most part, you shouldn't have anything standing in the way of having fun at Ramencon this year.

~ Respect one another.
~ Keep it PG-13 unless you're in an 18+ area (such as a panel).
~ Anything that is illegal outside the convention is illegal inside the convention.
~ Don't do anything that risks the safety of yourself or others.
~ Don't deface any hotel, convention center, or convention property. Anyone found to be responsible for defacing hotel, convention center, or convention property will be billed for the resulting damage and may be prosecuted for vandalism.
~ Service animals are the only animals allowed to accompany attendees.

For security reasons, we require anyone above the age of 16 to show a valid photo ID when picking up their badge. If you are under the age of 16, we understand that you may not have an ID and do not require it. Staff may ask to verify your ID and badge at any time during the convention, so it is wise to keep your ID on you.

We reserve the right to inspect the contents of bags, backpacks, and purses. You have the right to refuse this inspection; we have the right to deny you entry upon refusal.

Getting in Touch with Staff
Staff members are here to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience at Ramencon. If you need help or feel unsafe at any time, you can stop any Staff Member (recognizable by identifying vest) or call the Century Center front desk. Please feel free to come to the Staff Room for anything you need help with.

We know that cosplay is a big part of many attendees' experience, and we love to see the creative costumes attendees come up with. We're always trying to find the right balance between letting you show off your awesome costumes and keeping safety a priority. If you aren't sure whether your costume or prop is acceptable, stop by the Staff Room to find out for sure.

If your prop or costume is found to be unacceptable, you will be asked to take it back to your room or car. Being found with an unacceptable prop or costume multiple times may result in confiscation of the prop or revocation of your badge.

Confiscated props may be claimed from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday at the Staff Room unless required by police for evidence. You must bring a government-issued photo ID to claim your prop.

These rules apply to all convention spaces and hallways. For specific rules regarding the Masquerade, see the "Rules for Concerts, Dances, and the Masquerade" section below.

General Cosplay Rules
~ No rude or vulgar remarks or hate speech in any language is allowed.
~ Costumes must conform to local laws concerning indecent exposure.
~ Do not handle or wave your props or wear your costume in an unsafe manner.
~ Staff has final say in the acceptability of any prop or costume, even despite these rules.

~ Costumes should not have any harmful protrusions such as spikes or sharp edges.
~ Costumes may not extend more than six inches (6") from your body. Protrusions that are soft and easily collapse upon pressure (such as those made of soft foam) must not be more than six inches (6") when collapsed.

Remember that you will be in many crowded hallways at Ramencon. Wear your costume accordingly.

Signs are allowed as long as they are obviously part of a costume. Signs that are overtly solicitous are not allowed under any circumstances.


General Prop Rules
~ Props must be approximately your height or less in length. (If you are under four feet (4') tall, your prop may be up to four feet (4') long.) If your prop is close to your height in length, please come to the Staff Room to get it checked.

~ Props that are longer than your height (or four feet (4') if you are under four feet (4') tall) are permissible as long as they can be disassembled or collapsed into pieces of acceptable length for carrying. Keep such props disassembled or collapsed unless you are stationary (e.g., for a photo shoot).

~ If you are stopped by Staff after your prop has been marked as acceptable, simply show that it has already been checked.

Carrying a prop longer than your height (or four feet (4'), if you are under four feet (4') tall), that has not been tagged as acceptable will result in confiscation of that prop.

Live Steel
Live steel is any object crafted from metal with a blade-like or pointed edge, sharp or blunt.

~ No live steel props are allowed at Ramencon.
~ Props made of an otherwise acceptable material (such as wood or foam) that are wrapped in foil do not count as live steel and are acceptable.

Guns and Gun-like Props
No real firearms are allowed at Ramencon. Gun-like props are required to be sufficiently unrealistic that a person must be able to tell that the prop is not real from across a room while the prop is as you are normally carrying it. If you have a gun-like prop, please get it checked by Staff.

~ Acceptable ways of differentiating your prop from a real gun include but are not limited to having a transparent prop, having the prop be of an obviously different material, and having the gun incorporate futuristic, fantastic, or obviously unrealistic elements.
~ Gun replicas and airsoft weapons are required to have orange tips, but this alone is not enough to make them acceptable props.
~ Airsoft weapons must never be loaded, and you must not carry any airsoft clips or ammunition on your person.
~ Airsoft weapons will be required to have a barrel plug in at all times.
~ Bright red and bright blue rubber training gun props are allowed.
*If you are law enforcement personnel or are otherwise required to carry a firearm on your person, please ask to see the Staff Department Head upon arriving at the convention to prevent any misunderstandings.

Projectile Weapons and Ammunition
~ Projectile weapons must be disabled and unloaded. For bows and crossbows, this means being unstrung or strung loosely with a flimsy material like yarn or twine. For water guns and similar props, this means having an empty reservoir at all times.
~ Any bolts, arrows, or other projectiles must either be rendered unusable or secured in a quiver or other container in such a way that they are not easily removable for the duration of the convention.

Laser Pointers
Laser pointers and similar devices may not be used in the convention space, except by presenters at panels and other live programming events in a responsible manner.

Illegal Activity
If it is illegal outside the convention, it is illegal inside the convention. If you break the law, you may be subject to arrest by Century Center Public Safety. The list that follows is by no means the full list of illegal acts.
~ No smoking unless you are 18 or older. Smoking is also not allowed inside the hotel (even inside your room) or the convention center, or near the entrances to either building.
~ No alcohol unless you are 21 or older. No alcohol, open or unopened, is allowed in public areas (except the hotel bar). If you choose to drink, please do so in the hotel bar or in your own room, and do so safely.
~ If you are found providing alcohol to a minor, you and the minor will be held for Century Center Public Safety. Your badge will be revoked and you may be ejected from your hotel room or subject to prosecution.
~ If you have alcohol in your room, you are responsible for ensuring that everyone in the room is 21 or older.
~ No illegal drugs or related paraphernalia. If found with such materials, your badge will be revoked and you may be ejected from your room and subject to prosecution.

Disruptive Behavior
The hallways at Ramencon may be crowded. These rules help minimize accidental injury and keep the convention safe. If a Staff member, hotel employee, or Century Center Public Safety officer tells you to stop a certain behavior, respect their requests. Refusal to do so or to follow any of the below guidelines may result in revocation of your badge or prosecution.

~ No horseplay, play-fighting, or running in crowded areas.
~ Do not climb on, vandalize, break, modify, or disable any structures or fixtures.
~ Please keep the noise in your hotel room down during evening hours or take your activities to a public part of the hotel. An excess of noise complaints may result in your ejection from your room.
~ Do not drop anything from the interior or exterior balconies of the hotel.

Rules for Concerts, Dances, and the Masquerade
Prop rules for those attending our biggest events are more restrictive due to the crowded space in those events. We don't want you to get turned away at the door, so make sure you're adhering to these rules when you go to such events. All normal rules apply here too, by the way.

~ Props should be no longer than one foot (1') long. (Walking sticks for physiological reasons are acceptable.)
~ No props or bags at all are allowed inside the concerts or dances. If you need your bag for medical reasons, please see Staff to obtain a card explaining your reasons.
~ You may not save spots in the line for your friends (or enemies).
~ If you need to use the washroom or get a drink of water while in line, let a Staff member know so that you do not seem to be cutting in line when you return.
~ If you are cutting in line, you forfeit your right to attend the event.
~ There is no coat or bag check, so make sure you have only what you need when you get in line.
~ No crowd-surfing, moshing, or other endangerment of your fellow attendees is allowed.

Please note, also, that no cameras or recording devices of any kind are allowed at concerts (though they are allowed at the Masquerade and in the dances). Cell phones with cameras are allowed, but if you are seen taking pictures or recordings, you will be asked to leave the concert and delete the offending images.

In Closing...
Please exercise common sense, responsibility, and consideration for your fellow fans, the hotel staff, the convention staff, and other guests of the hotel. This makes the convention more fun for everyone.

If you feel that any Staff was unnecessarily rude, please approach another Staff member, or go to the Staff Room and ask for the department head, section chief, or one of the convention officers, and they will address your concerns.

We welcome your feedback. If you have questions, comments, compliments, or complaints, you can fill out the comments card in your convention bag. You can also e-mail us at the Contact Us page or post in the appropriate section of the forums.

Have a safe and fun convention, from all of the Staff.

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