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Early Registration
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~ 3-Day Pass, Early Registration: $30.00
~ 3-Day Premium Badge: $100.00

At the Door Prices
~ 3-Day Pass: $40.00
~ Friday Badge: $40.00
~ Saturday Badge: $40.00
~ Sunday Badge: $25.00
~ 3-Day Premium Badge: $100.00

Premium Badge Perks
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The Ramencon Premium Badge includes the following:
~ 3-Day Pass to enjoy Ramencon
~ Free Ramencon T-Shirt
~ Early entry into the Dealers' Room (1/2 hour to an hour Friday and Saturday)
~ Premium Seating in all events
~ Private Premium Badge only Autograph panel
~ 1 Photo CD Full Of the Great Con Moments
~ 1 Video DVD Highlighting the Con Events
(Please note, for some events you will have to verify 15-30 minutes before the event starts to get premium seating, sorry, no holding seats.) ^_^

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