~About Us~
Ramencon 2016 Attendees numbers was a little over 1800

Ramencon is an anime convention started in South Bend Indiana. Ramencon was built by anime fans for anime fans. We get a lot of our ideas from the fans on our facebook. We want you to feel that this is your convention.

A little more about us personally:
I wanted to start a convention several years ago, and after attending several cons and taking in as much information as I could from con-goers, artists, and vendors, I decided I would push to start my own convention. We took all of the things going wrong at other conventions and said, "Let's not do those things."

So we created Ramencon! Our first year was fantastic. We took in the information on some of the things we did wrong and we are fixing them and tweaking them to make a better convention for all of you.

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