~Panelist Rules and Badge Info~

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A panelist badge is issued to those attendees providing panel programming content for Ramencon 2019. It provides admission similar to a full weekend badge.

Panelists will be able to receive a free badges if you are able to supply a total of 4 hours of panel time over the weekend.

The below rules are the Ramencon 2019 panel programming policy. This policy may be subject to change without notice.

1. If you lose your panelist badge, you will have to pay a $30.00 fee to replace your badge. No exceptions.

2. Panelist badges are non-transferable. If you pay for another badge, you will not be compensated or refunded for that second badge.

3. Each panel group must select one "head" panelist that will be in charge of the panel and will coordinate with Panel Programming staff. A maximum of two panelists will be able to get the Comp badge; additional panelists will have to pay for their badges in full.

4. The head panelist is allowed to pick up panelist badges for his/her fellow panelists.

5. The head panelist is responsible for ensuring that his/her cell phone and e-mail are current and available to Panel Programming staff.

6. Each panelist must have a valid state ID or driver's license to identify them and acquire a badge. Exceptions can only be granted by the Panel Programming Department Head.

7. Each panelist in a group must provide content material and demonstrably participate in the panel presentation.

8. All new panel submissions must have an outline. No exceptions.

9. Panelists may not consume alcoholic beverages during panel events.

10. Panelists may not provide food and/or drink to attendees during a panel unless you have written consent from the department head.

11. Violation of this policy will result in badge revocation.

12. Ramencon can cancel a panel without notice.

13. Ramencon can add or subtract time from your panel as we see fit.

14. If panelists do not show for their scheduled panels, their badges will be confiscated with no refund

15. If you cannot make your panel time you must contact the Panel Chair at least 2 weeks before the Ramencon 2019 start date.

Panel Length and Scheduling
1. Panelists MUST begin wrap-up a minimum of 10 minutes before the scheduled ending time. This is so they will end on time. Staff will enforce this.
2. All panel rooms are seated on a first come first serve basis. They will be cleared of attendees after each panel has ended. Staff will enforce this.
3. Panels that begin late due to late arrival and/or problems setting up equipment that was not provided by Ramencon will still be required to end as scheduled.
4. Panels that begin more than 10 minutes late due to the late arrival of the panelists will be canceled.
5. Ramencon Panel Programming staff must be informed in the event of an emergency or other occurrence that will prevent the panelists from conducting their scheduled panel(s). You can contact chris by email or facebook.
6. Ramencon retains the right to reschedule a panel to a different time or room. The Panel Leader will be notified if any changes are made to their panel.
7. Panelists may request a change to the scheduled time for their panel before August 1st. It may not be possible for Ramencon staff to grant all time change requests.
8. Panelists may inform us of when they are absolutely not available due to involvement in other Ramencon events such as fashion show, cosplay contest, etc. We will consider this when placing their panel into the schedule. We must be informed of this in their submission form.

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