Cosplay Catwalk

Main Events Room
7:00PM to 9:00PM

Come one, come all to the most fantastic event around - the Ramencon Cosplay Catwalk! This event is like most cons' craftsmanship masquerade and skit contests, but we're putting a new twist on this convention classic by making it more of a positive party atmosphere without sacrificing any of the appreciation for hard work and passion for cosplay! All entrants must be registered attendees with badges.

Our Cosplay Catwalk (cosplay contest) will be pre-judged. This means that before the actual event, contestants will be judged in a separate room. Therefore, during the actual cosplay walk-on, there will be no interruptions. This will make it easier for the contestants and will allow for more hands-on judging.

To be able to enter this event, you will have to have made 75% or more of your costume from scratch. For these craftsmanship entrants, there will be novice and advanced ranks, which we will help you determine based on your preference and experience. We will explain what we expect of each level so that you feel comfortable competing in the appropriate rank.

There also will be a found-item category, or category for pieced-together costumes. The garments must be altered by you in some way (so don't just buy a school uniform costume and enter as a "school girl"). Examples of alterations include cutting off jacket sleeves, dyeing the fabric, embellishing it with beads, adding stripes to pants, etc. NO commissioned or bought "ready-to-wear" costumes are eligible. If a friend, family member, etc. made the costume, they must be present for the interview with you as the model. Any awards will be given to the creator of the costume by default.

Craftsmanship Judging and Walk-Ons

*Interview slots are first-come-first-serve! If you have a tight schedule, please schedule ahead of time or register at the con early!*

For craftsmanship judging, please do not come "in character" for the interviews; just be yourself! We strongly encourage bringing along reference pictures of your character/cosplay. We WILL have a laptop for emergency purposes only. The more time we have to spend looking up your character/cosplay, the less time we will have to talk about your costume. Interviews will be given up to five minutes, and we will have many questions prepared, but not all entries will need the full time to complete judging.

When it comes to walk-ons, we want you to get out there, ham it up, and have a blast! There will also be points given during the walk-on to encourage cosplayers to be enthusiastic during the catwalk. We also want the audience to really enjoy the show and the costumes, so we ask that each entry make about three poses, 10 seconds each. Do not take anything on stage that you cannot remove during your 30 second time limit. If you need assistance in entering/exiting the stage due to a large costume or physical disability, special arrangements can be made.


Skits must be no more than four minutes in length (including any time needed for set up and clean up), and all skits are subject to approval. Content MUST be PG-13. For safety reasons, we cannot allow extreme stunts, such as acrobatics, firework or light effects, and intense fake fighting. Examples of skits include parodies, original stories, crossover scenarios, etc. Songs or dances are also allowed, but we ask that you make a short intro and outro of sorts, like an anecdote, so that it appears more like a skit and less like karaoke or a para para panel.

Skits must relate to the theme of the convention: anything to do with cosplay, anime characters, video game reenactments, or standup comedy featuring convention jokes. Any reenactment must be from a relevant media, such as anime, video games, cartoons, etc., they cannot be reenactments of other skits or parodies from online. In other words, do not "re-perform" a skit that has been performed at another event. Even if it is your skit - bring something new! Skits are eligible for skit awards and will be judged unless otherwise stated.

Don't forget to Pre-Reg now! Hey everyone Pre-Con Prep is going so well i am able to extend the Pre-Reg cut off to the end of Sunday September 10th.

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