Visual.KEI is an upcoming visual novel artist. She has worked as a background and character artist in many different visual novels, most often those with dark or horror-based themes. Her first solo game "WHITE.chapel," is a mystery romance game where the player becomes a young prostitute trying to make ends meet in late 19th century London. When a string of gruesome murders happen in Whitechapel, you have a chance to help solve them by interacting with other characters including members of Scotland Yard, other prostitutes, and many others to try and stop Jack the Ripper. And of course, you have a chance of romancing a myriad of eccentric and quirky characters along the way. But be careful, because your life is at risk as well. "For where God built a church, there the Devil would also build a chapel." Ramencon will be her first convention attending as a guest, and attendees will get a chance to demo her new game, as well as purchase limited edition prints and other goodies.

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