Self Published Hell 18+

Panel Room 2
11:30pm to 1:30am(sunday)

Back for our third year in a row! If you thought Anime Hell was scary, then you haven't read a self-published book! Come join two battle-hardened editors as we dive into the "dark web" of the self-publishing industry. There will be games, prizes, raunchiness, and lots of bad grammar!

For your safety and the safety of others, we are not letting anyone video tape or take photos in any 18+ events. Also, anyone caught with a camera or recording device will have to delete the footage (if deemed inappropriate content), and if said device is not put away, the person or persons resonsible will be removed for the event and/or removed from Ramencon 2018.

Don't forget to Pre-Reg now! Pre-Reg cut off September 7th.

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