Mouyashi & JenovaNin

Kelly (Mouyashi) has been a cosplayer since 2004, and Genna (JenovaNin) has been cosplaying since 2007, both frequenting conventions around the midwest. They met in 2011 for a Valentine's Day photoshoot in Chicago, became a couple that same year in December, and have been together ever since. Their cosplay interests range from Anime/Manga to Video Games and even some Original Designs. Some series that they enjoy cosplaying together are Final Fantasy VII, X, and XV, K Project, Black Butler, and Kingdom Hearts. Kelly's favorite cosplay thus far has been Jecht from FFX, while Genna's favorite is Sebastian Castellanos from The Evil Within. Both have varying proficiencies within the craft, making up for where the other might lack and motivating each other every step of the way. Both are pretty active on social media, especially when projects are under way, and are always willing to share their adventures with whomever may be interested!

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