Mimi Cosplays

Mimi has been cosplaying cosplaying since 2009. Learned how to sew at age 8. Stop picked it back up when she stared cosplaying. Her first Anime Convictions was Anime Central. Her First Cosplay was Soi Fong from Bleach. Currently in school for Fashion design. Dreams of having a career in fashion or costume design. She was made combination over 15 Cosplay, Rave outfits and still counting. She takes the skill she has learned in her class to practice them on her cosplay. Mimi wants to specialized in fabric manipulation & couture sewing techquies. When she is not cosplay. She is goo dancing with her fellow members of Zetta Ryoiki- chi. Making fun outfit with her follow member. She also like putting together Lolita outfits and J- fashion outfits, and learning about fashion in her spear time. Her favorite cosplay outfits are, Princess Zelda, Yoko from Gurren Lagan, Nui Harime from Kill La Kill. Her most notable Lolita dress is Mermaid cord.

Don't forget to Pre-Reg now! Hey everyone Pre-Con Prep is going so well i am able to extend the Pre-Reg cut off to the end of Sunday September 10th.

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