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Analecta is an effort to create artistic, inventive music in the vein of instrumental post-rock and post-metal drawing on the collective minds of Calvin Maloney and Patrick Quigley. Analecta invites you to come experience moving, modern music created live with feeling and exploration from... (Click image for more info)

Ultra Kombo is a nerdcore punk band that takes their love of comics, video games and all things nerdy and then mixes it with punk rock music to produce a high energy explosion of music. The band's line up consist of Matt Merritt (vocals and guitar) and Levi Schubert (drums) to form an impressive live show that is sure to please as these two throw down... (Click image for more info)

Mirai Wish

Nebula Kiss
Nebula Kiss! is a group of girls who come from different planets in outer space, bringing their own unique images together to help unite the world with music. The group covers k-pop and j-pop dances, and loves to entertain!... (Click image for more info)

SUPERNOVA★ is a 9-person, Love Live! themed group that occasionally covers J-pop and K-pop songs. Filled with quirky and upbeat members, they always strive to give everybody their best performance alongside their Love Live: Sunshine sister group, Aqu★rius! SUPERNOVA★ can't wait to perform at Ramencon for everybody!???

Aqu★rius is the Love Live: Sunshine counterpart to SUPERNOVA★. Specializing in Aqours' dances, this group is full of energy and fun as they bring to life the idols of Love Live: Sunshine! Outside of Love Live dances they also do covers of J-pop, K-pop, and strive to bring happy and fun-filled events to everyone!

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